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MPLAB ICD3 – Harnessing the power of development environment

Today’s market requirements are really dynamic. There is a continuous need of creating more functional and utilitarian systems for advanced products. Designers face a challenge in bringing such system from the breadboard to marketable products, given the short span of time at their disposal. Bound by the time constraints, designers and product developers need options that can convert their ideas into proto boards quickly, and selection of a good development board is a critical choice. For along with board come design support, component support, software, and significantly user friendliness.

Since 2004, Logic power has been a licensed manufacturer of Microchip tools in India. Logic power tools are produced with the same quality as of 4 & 8 layer boards microchip tools, with similar performance. Having sold more than 40,000 tools including programmers, debuggers, evaluation boards, development boards and finished products, Logic power has also trained more than 5,000 Engineers, Students, and Academicians.

Let us take a quick look at Logic Power’s MPLAB ICD3 In-circuit debugger system. It is a high speed and cost effective hardware debugger for the microchip flash digital signal controller (DSC). The kit contains ICD3 Production programmer, USB cable, self-test module and CD containing manuals and user guides.

The MPLAB ICD3 incorporates:

  • A production programmer
  • High and Full speed USB
  • High-Speed programming up to 15X over ICD 2
  • Internal FPGA hardware accelerator
  • Internal SRAM buffers (1Mx8) to download program memory image for faster programming
  • Programmable Vpp & Programmable Vdd
  • Hardware OV/OI protection
  • Complex break points, 999 software break points

The other features of MPLAB ICD3 are Real-time debugging, ruggedized probe interface, Microchip connectivity, Low Voltage emulation, and test interface module.

The MPLAB ICD3 is now available at Semikart.com

About Semikart.com

Semikart.com is a first of its kind pan-India online market place which aims to consolidate from the user perspective search and purchase of quality electronics components in India. The web portal is designed to simplify the process of sourcing components for small and medium inventory requirements, while it functions as a one stop shop to browse through the entire inventory of multiple distributors. Its value ranges from procurement, design, develop and market.

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