iWave systems technologies and it’s i.MX6UL3 SOM

Established in the year 1999, Iwave systems technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. The three pillars of an efficient system providing product engineering services are:

  • Embedded Hardware – iWave’s hardware expertise spans complex board designs up to 30 layers and across Analog, Digital and RF Designs
  • FPGA – iWave has developed FPGAs with up to 3+ million gates and VHDL/ Verilog RTL Development and verification
  • Software – iWave’s software expertise ranges from OS porting, Firmware and device drivers development, and wireless and protocol stacks to embedded applications development

Using its System on Modules, iWave has worked towards developing advanced products for its clients, significantly reducing the time to market for such products. The SOMs and development platforms are a result of innovations leading to highly integrated, high performance, low power and low cost systems.

iWave uses various Texas Instrument products such as Digital Signal Processors, Power Management, Sensor Products, Audio, Wireless Connectivity, Data Converters, ARM-Based Processor Platforms, Microcontrollers (MCU),OMAP™ Applications Processors, Amplifiers and Linear, Interface, to build customized solutions for their clients.


NXP i.MX 6UL3 ARM is a Cortex A7 based CPU integrates comprehensive security features making it ideal for security applications, and iWave Systems being one of the early adaptors of i.MX6UL, supports compact, cost effective i.MX6UL3 applications processor based SOM with Linux board support package. The BSP is added with various security features such as Tamper detection, High assurance boot (HAB) and Crypto engine (Differential Power Analysis- DPA with DES algorithm).

The i.MX6UL3 finds major application in the POS units due to its ultimate security features. By using the proven i.MX6UL3 SOM, a POS unit can be quickly realized. All that needs to be done is to develop an application specific base board with the following features; EMV compliant Smart card, magnetic swipe reader, Thermal Printer, key pad, Finger print sensor, TFT display, 2G/3G module, Wi-Fi/BT modules, NFC reader, Micro SD card, USB OTG and battery support.

All product of iWave are now available on the Semikart.

About Semikart.com

Semikart.com is a first of its kind pan-India online market place which aims to consolidate from the user perspective search and purchase of quality electronics components in India. The web portal is designed to simplify the process of sourcing components for small and medium inventory requirements, while it functions as a one stop shop to browse through the entire inventory of multiple distributors. Its value ranges from procurement, design, develop and market.

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