iWave Systems SODIMM Heat Sink

Mfr Mfr part Category Description Action
iWave Systems iW-HSKALU-CLASLR-SS03 Heat Sinks Heat Sinks Zynq 7000 SODIMM SOM heatsink

iWave Systems SODIMM Heat Sink is built for the modules SODIMM I MX8 M Mini / Nano, Zynq 7000, RZ / G1E, I MX6. The SODIMM Heat Sink consists of a 67.5 mm x 31.5 mm package made of aluminium material. The device uses a silicone elastomer between the CPU and the heat sink as a thermal gap pad. The Heat Sink is lightweight and durable, designed for easy mounting on modules with the iWave’s Qseven system.


  • 67.5mm x 31.5mm Package
  • Aluminium material
  • Silicone elastomer as a thermal gap pad
  • Rugged and lightweight


  • SODIMM i.MX8M Mini module
  • SODIMM Nano, Zynq 7000, RZ module
  • SODIMM G1E, i.MX6 module


 iWave Systems SODIMM Heat Sink

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