Infrared thermometer non-contact VOX-1233

Infrared thermometer VOX-1233

The thermometer gun is used in the region where the infectious disease occurs and is designed specifically to measure a person’s body temperature regardless of the environment.This is suitable for the rapid detection of elevated body temperature using a non-contact design that removes the need for probe cover replacement and other supplies. The infrared light signal is used to determine human body temperature without any touch to the body being involved by replacing the conventional mercury thermometer it provides the exact body temperature.

Non-contact design, safe to use and more hygienic. Quick to get data, smart and convenient, for just 1 or 2 seconds. Users can get measurement results quickly after the temperature probe has been properly positioned in the forehead. Memory Function: Memory recall of 50 reading.


Fever Alert: The alarm warns visually and audibly when the programmed limit set is reached by temperature and it can measure body temperature without interaction.

Stable and reliable: The optimum measuring distance should be between 5 to 15 cm, providing a quick response that is stable and reliable, allowing you to quickly check multiple people ‘s temperature.

Large screen Backlight: On the wide backlit LCD panel, you simply need to press the button and read temperature and it can store the reading for quick reminder and has good visibility.

Smart Power Saving: The thermometer gun operates with 2 * AA batteries and has an intelligent power-saving feature that allows power to be saved while not in use.

Infrared Medical Thermometer

Keep thermometer, keep healthy


  • One key measurement
  • Fast
  • No contact
  • Precise probe

INfrared Medical Thermometer Specification

  • Infrared detector
  • LCD display
  • Measuring switch
  • Battery compartment cover


Traditional Smart Infrared Thermometer
Mercurial thermometer 1 second quick detection
Minutes to read, fragile and toxic Accurate and reliable
Electronic thermometer Body Temperature Memory
No history memory


  • Within 3-5cm on forehead and ear
  • Follow the green guiding light to accurate, screen will display with an horizontal line


Infrared Thermometer is Suitable for all the ages, even the object

  • Baby mode
  • Water mode
  • Room mode
  • Food mode
  • Elder mode


Brand: Jeavox
Model Name/Number: Vox -1233
Temperature Range: 35~42 Degree
Battery Life: 10 hours
Response Time: 2 seconds
Material: ABS
Thermometer Type: Infrared Thermometers
Colour: White
Distance: 3~5 cm

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