About Us

Semikart.com is first-of-its-kind, web portal solely aimed to promote Ecosystem around the silicon by towing manufacturers, suppliers, distributors of electrical, electronic components besides bringing in the expertise to incubate designs, develop prototypes and enable pilot productions all at one place.

Semikart.com has been started by visionary thought leader, Mr. D. N. Ramesh, Chairperson, Hynetic Electronics Pvt Ltd. He brings to the venture over 30+ years of hard core silicon & Product development experience. Central to the idea of Semikart.com is the PPP logistics Strategy. Semikart.com has an Objective to bundle together the user experience, silicon purchase, technology incubation and delivery at door steps.

At the heart of Semikart.com stand the suppliers. Both suppliers and Semikart.com will together work mutually to bring about a fresh channel for point of sale alongside profound marketing impact on end users.


1) Single Platform to connect the Electronic Components Industry, Service Industry & Research Organizations
2) Expedite Time-to-Market and Reduce Time-to-Launch of the Product
3) Complete Product Life Cycle support under one roof
4) Encourage & Motivate budding Entrepreneurs under Semikart Incubation Center, which is in line with “Make In India”, an Initiate launched by Government of India